Poirot Investigates – Agatha Christie

Poirot Investigates is the third in line, for Agatha Christie’s book series featuring the moustached private detective Monsieur Poirot. It is also my third Agatha Christie and my love for her writing grows with each experience. The book contains a collection of cases, all equally interesting and amusing. It’s almost more a collection of short stories than a novel, since the cases share only the appereance of Poirot and his use of his magnificent grey cells. They have little else in common (which I did not know before hand but understood as I went along, of course). I found myself quite enjoying the reading experience of the entire book and as I said, I personally am of the belief that each case was interesting and entertaining to read, which is not often the case with short story collections in general I find.

What I found the most fun about this particular book was that I actually solved many of the cases myself, before Poirot came to his big unravelling of the case and thus the conclusion. For some cases I only knew vaguely how the crime had been done, or knew of the perpertrator’s identity. But for several cases I had figured out most of the case, and I was surprised. I wouldn’t say they were predictable, but rather more like brain games – and if one is up to the challenge, it’s quite possible to solve them along Poirot himself. This at least is what I found, as far from being sad that I saw through them – I had fun grumbling over possible evidence, alibis, suspects, and Poirot has a tendency to behave in misguiding ways before his conclusion possibly leading the reader – and often Captain Haistings, astray from his own train of thought. If one judges by his actions alone, it’s often likely that one will be very surprised when his conclusion goes against what he has said or done prior to it. To sum it up, each case is a puzzle ready to be solved and I had such a fun time with each one, and was incredibly surprised that I did solve as many as I did.

The writing is really wonderful, and as I said I feel myself falling in love deeper and deeper with every book I read. I also feel like her writing evolved, just from having read three books, possibly it’s just my own tastes that have changed but time will tell. A lot of fun and I look forward to read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd very soon, probably in July on my vacation.

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