Summer Reading: 10 Books of Summer

While it might be a little late to write this now, the summer technically starts the 21th of June in the Northern Hemisphere so really I am only a few days late.  Today I'm bringing you my Summer TBR, tbr standing for to-be-read although it's a little more tentative than set in stone. I'm joining… Continue reading Summer Reading: 10 Books of Summer


Reading Goals, 2016

As the year is drawing to a close, it's time to start looking ahead - to the year to come. Truth to be told I started thinking about my goals (reading related and otherwise) sometime in November, brainstorming ideas, musing. However it wasn't until sometime this month that they were truly perfected. I'm not the… Continue reading Reading Goals, 2016

Authors I Clicked With 2015

You know when you read an author for the first time, and neither the story nor the characters are always perfect, but there's just something about the writing that really clicks? For me, good writing is a vital part in my connection to, and admiration for, a book. I can read and enjoy a book… Continue reading Authors I Clicked With 2015