One person’s trash, is another person’s gold

The title of this post came to me as I was thinking about the day's outing, to one of my local secondhand shops. I love second hand shopping - no other type of shopping gets me going quite as much, even book shopping (new books, that is). The main reason for this preference is the… Continue reading One person’s trash, is another person’s gold


Buying vs. Collecting Books

Over the last couple of years I've kept tabs on all my book acquiring in a personal spreadsheet, initially only logging title of the book, source I got the book from, and which condition I got the book in (the reasoning behind the last being that I wanted to buy more of my books secondhand,… Continue reading Buying vs. Collecting Books

#Victober Round 1

It's the start of October. The air has turned crisper, leaves are changing in color or else dropping down on the muddy ground, and the days are getting increasingly shorter. What says October and autumn more than moors and storms? Yes, that's right - it's time to reach for those Victorian stories of large mansions,… Continue reading #Victober Round 1

When the Stars Align • Connections Between Books

A little while ago I made a post talking about some of the books I hoped to get to during the summer months. A few weeks I think has passed since then, and I have noticed something funny in that list. It’s not something I had consciously thought of, making the list, but there are… Continue reading When the Stars Align • Connections Between Books

Book Juggler; or how I became a polygamist reader

The little kitten 'Marie', in Disney's Aristocats, once said: If the same principal was to be applied to projects, I'm certainly not a lady. I have so many boxes filled with started projects and discarded projects, remnants of ideas and plans unfulfilled, and an even longer list of projects I've yet to start - waiting… Continue reading Book Juggler; or how I became a polygamist reader

Reflecting on a year passed

Some things have become quite clear as the year has passed, and that is that I don’t do well under any form of rules for my buying habits. This seems to be a general trend for me, although it has been especially obvious with books since that’s what the majority of my money goes to.… Continue reading Reflecting on a year passed

The Act of Re-Reading

I was never much of a re-reader. Somehow I always tend to think along the lines of “can I really justify reading that book again, when I’ve read so few in total over my lifetime?” or “how can I know which books are worth returning to?”. It all comes down to the fact that reading… Continue reading The Act of Re-Reading